Our scientific approach to hair loss infuses gentle yet effective formulations that distill the best of nature. Our treatments combat a wide range of hair conditions: Oily, Sensitive, Dandruff, Postnatal, Fine & Weak Hair, Aging, Stress-Related Thinning and Male/ Female Baldness Pattern .

Purify Treatment (LEVEL 1)

Here we use a variety of proprietary Deep-Cleansing Scalp solution that is used to detoxify the scalp, maintain a bacteria free environment and restore PH balance. Developed specifically with selected effective key ingredients.

Balance Treatment (LEVEL 2)

This treatment fights the hair root ageing process to reduce hair fall. It contains a powerful blend of concentrates that promote microcirculation and stimulation of the hair follicle. Experience healthier roots and all-day freshness after this treatment.

Remedy Treatment (LEVEL 3)

Due to hormones, aging or genes, one can experience pattern baldness. Identifying the condition early for preventive measures so as to retain and encourage further hair growth.

Regeneration Treatment (LEVEL 4)

This treatment reduces inflammation, enhances blood circulation around hair follicles for thicker hair growth and repairs damaged skin cells. It also inhibits DHT production for reduced hair fall and boosts keratin production for healthier hair

BOOSTEr Treatment

Boosters are used as a treatment catalyst and a compliment to our other treatments. We have a multitude of boosters that utilizes either Laser, Plasma, Needle or Ultrasound technology either separately or combined to achieve preferred end results.

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